CEO for Legal Services Company

Company in the legal services field looking for a CEO.We are seeking a driven executive  to lead the company’s expansion.  This is a great opportunity to join company  that is stable, growing, and offers a true CEO opportunity. CEO will report  directly to the owners of the company.

 This will be a very unique opportunity to help build and lead a company.  Being a well-established  smaller company, the CEO will be a very unique individual  – both a strategic and tactical thinker.   The CEO will oversee multiple areas of the company including:


-The sales team and identifying strategies for further growth.  Working closely with the sales managers to identify areas of strong growth potential.  Maximizing current staff while identifying new strategic players.


-The operations teams increasing efficiency of process, reduce external costs and automate those items that could be automated.


We are looking for someone with experience that has taken companies from profitable to very profitable as well as had experience with mergers and acquisitions.


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