About RYB Technologies

RYB Technologies founded in 2010 and officially launched in 2011, is a recruitment company located in Israel that places English speaking hi tech professionals with companies located in Israel and companies in the US that wish to outsource their hi tech needs to Israel and save money.

RYB Technologies helps you to find software developers, technical writers, graphic designers and other tech professionals from the pool of talents that is the “Startup Nation”.

We all know the high costs of hiring software development professionals from the US. Many companies choose to outsource software development projects to foreign countries. RYB Tech places software developers from Israel (many of whom are “olim”) with businesses in the US. A company that hires developers from Israel will be able to save money on technology costs while at the same time investing money in the State of Israel and enjoying the best minds and talents out there.

RYB Technologies’ services are given in both English and Hebrew. RYB Technologies is proud to be supporting the Israeli economy and the Start-up nation, working with leading start-up ventures in the country.

Miriam Schwartz

Driven by the passion to help people, I founded RYB Technologies after realizing I had what it takes to make good “matches” between people who were looking for work and companies who were in need of top notch talent.  Moving to a new country is never easy and having experienced it myself, I knew that one of the most important things that can help ease the transition is landing a good job.

My previous career as a teacher comes in handy in equipping me with the skills that are essential for recruitment services, mainly the communication skills and the ability to judge character. Working daily to help people find their way in a new county that they love, doing what they’re good at and helping companies discover the real talents of people is the most satisfying thing I’ve done and I am proud and excited about the work that I do each day.

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