We have used Miriam to recruit developers, test engineers and documentation and support staff for nearly two years.

It has been a pleasure to work with Miriam from the start to the end of the recruitment process. Our initial conversation is usually sufficient to give Miriam a clear understanding of our requirements as is evidenced from the suitability of the candidates she presents. I appreciate her advice in terms of appropriate salaries for each role and she has smoothed the way through some of the more awkward moments of the negotiation process. Her rates are extremely reasonable and we get outstanding service for great value for money. As a result, we no longer advertise directly. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.


Yaakov Smith

Yaakov Smith – Logican

מרים יקרה,

עם הצלחה קשה להתווכח – תוך רבעון סגרת 4 משרות בצוות הפיתוח שלנו.

בכל פעם שפניתי אליך, תמיד השבת בנועם, ואחרי תקופה קצרה גם מיד התחילו לזרום המועמדים.

כפי הנראה את מצליחה בזכות המקצועיות והתגובה המהירה, ואני נהנת מאוד לעבוד איתך.

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